Wayne J. Radburn

Utilities (for use with Windows® XP operating system or later)

PEviewPEview version 0.9.9 ( .zip 31KB )

PEview provides a quick and easy way to view the structure and content of 32-bit Portable Executable (PE) and Component Object File Format (COFF) files. This PE/COFF file viewer displays header, section, directory, import table, export table, and resource information within EXE, DLL, OBJ, LIB, DBG, and other file types.

xlatHincxlatHinc version 0.9.8 ( .zip 40KB )

xlatHinc translates H header files to INC include files for use with GoAsm. The translation favours Win32® and Unicode APIs. xlatHinc also displays some syntax highlighting and an alphabetical listing which making it easier to view and find the equate, structure, and function definitions within these files.

Applications (for use with Windows XP operating system or later)

MM version ( .zip 12KB )

M displays the magnificent Mandelbrot Set. Generating fractal images brought my programming to the assembly language level, so here we go with one of my favourites. I have updated the user interface for easier exploration along with Auto Zoom and Scrolling. More color depth and palette options have been added. You can still cycle through these pleasing color palettes and save the image coordinates or a bitmap file. I have optimized the FPU routine for an Intel® Pentium® 4 for even quicker image generation.

AwpmAwpm version ( .zip 8KB )

Awpm measures your typing speed in words per minute (Accuracy and WPM). In switching over to the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard layout, I made Awpm to help me practice, monitor, and improve my typing accuracy and speed on digraphs, trigraphs, and other common two to four letter English words. I have also included a view option to display the DSK layout.

Skeleton Source Code - Assembly Language Programming

SKELETON version 3.2.1 ( .zip 67KB )

Skeleton examples on how to start building 32-bit applications using the Windows API with assembly language. I have rewritten the first and second releases of my Skeleton files and added to their evolution with this third release, updated for a Unicode or ANSI build with GoAsm, which includes the following:

Other Resources to help get you started and keep you going...

Jeremy Gordon's Go Tools

Here you will find plenty of sample code, tutorials, and of course, the Go Tools for building Win32 and Win64 applications: